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ResoluteAI: The research platform for science

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Why ResoluteAI?

The information you need to make meaningful discoveries is hard to find – or at least it was.

ResoluteAI's secure platform lets you search aggregated scientific, regulatory, and business databases simultaneously. Combined with our interactive analytics and downloadable visualizations, you can make connections that lead to breakthrough discoveries. 

Enterprise search

Nebula is ResoluteAI's enterprise search product for science. We apply structured metadata and a range of AI capabilities to your institutional knowledge. This includes NLP, OCR, image recognition, and transcription, making your proprietary information easily findable and accessible. With Nebula, you have the power to unlock the hidden value in your research, experiments, market intelligence, and acquired assets. Learn more about enterprise search

Scientific discovery engine

Foundation is a secure research platform that provides exploration, search, analytics, and alerts on over a dozen science-focused databases, including PubMed, Clinical Trials, Patents, and News. We apply consistent, structured metadata to these unstructured datasets, providing a seamless searching and analysis experience as if these datasets were single source. Learn more


"Nebula connected me in a very strategic way… What took me a week just to put in subfolders would come out in less than a couple seconds on the platform. It was phenomenal, incredible."

- Dr. Dolly Tyan, Aditx Therapeutics Inc.


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Who does ResoluteAI help innovate?

ResoluteAI accelerates research and streamlines:

ResoluteAI offers analytics within their research platform for science
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Drug repurposing
  • Institutional knowledge retrieval
  • Key Opinion Leader identification
  • Market research
  • Pharmacovigilance
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ResoluteAI's research and analysis features

Natural language processing
Natural language processing

Structured metadata created from unstructured text, semantic expansion, conceptual search, and document similarity search

Faceted search
Faceted search

Filter results based on structured metadata created by NLP or contained in the source database

Multiple ontologies and taxonomies
Multiple ontologies and taxonomies

ResoluteAI’s proprietary science-focused ontology plus PubChem, MeSH, and more.


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Search result export
Search results export

Export your search results for analysis outside the ResoluteAI platform

Optical character recognition (
Optical character recognition

Index and understand text that appears in handwritten documents, images, and video

Document cracking
Document cracking

Open documents embedded in other documents for complete indexing and discovery

Image recognition
Image recognition

Identifies images, graphs, charts, and logos in documents and video

Audio transcription
Audio transcription

Transcribes and indexes talk tracks from webinars, videos, and other presentations

Format agnostic
Format agnostic

Ingestion and indexing works on dozens of formats including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, .msg, audio, and video

Source agnostic
Source agnostic

SharePoint, Azure Blob, Box, DropBox, GDrive, and many other data storage solutions are supported

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