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Researchers need unique insights. Connections that are critical for exploring a new market, developing new applications and products from existing technologies, conducting competitive intelligence, performing intellectual property analysis, and technology landscaping.

Scientists working attentively with microscopes in laboratory


Foundation is ResoluteAI's discovery engine for scientific content. A one-stop hub for datasets sourced from the public domain and strategic partnerships in the areas of technology transfer, patents, scientific publications and journals, companies, government grants, clinical trials, and news - made seamlessly searchable as if they're single-source.

Scientists working attentively with microscopes in laboratory


Nebula is ResoluteAI's discovery engine for institutional knowledge. We apply our AI to users’ proprietary content in any file format - text, video, audio, embedded documents, and more - from any information storage sites - Sharepoint, Azure Blob, S3, Box, Dropbox, and the like. Nebula can, for example, identify a piece of fruit in a video, locate the mention of a chemical compound in a webinar, search for the label of the Y axis of a chart, and pinpoint the list of ingredients on the label of a bottle of shampoo.

Scientists working attentively with microscopes in laboratory

Enterprise data, enhanced.

An integrated stack of artificial intelligence tools allow Nebula to ingest, decipher, and tag your proprietary content from more than 100 different file formats. By connecting our Foundation datasets to your proprietary internal content, a dramatically more comprehensive search experience is created.

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