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ResoluteAI Research Collections

Collections, is a collaboration tool that facilitates the generation of shareable reports from internal and external databases to support decision-making for our customers. Using this tool, ResoluteAI has put together some of our own research collections to share.

This ResoluteAI Collection highlights the people, publications, patents, and other supplementary information related to the December 2022 RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Conference in Boston. This Collection was created using a few simple search terms, querying thousands of sources simultaneously.

View the RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Collection
RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Collection

This Collection features publications, patents, and clinical trials from the speakers and experts attending the Oncolytic Virotherapy Summit 2022, as well as other valuable research and insights into oncolytic virotherapy development, competitive landscape, grants, tech transfer opportunities, and more.

View the Oncolytic Virotherapy Summit Collection
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