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Resolute Research Network

A unique dataset of STEM key opinion leaders from around the world.

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Discover key opinion leaders

The need for external experts continues to be critical for healthcare research. KOLs assist with product development and provide guidance based on their education and expertise. But finding the right experts is difficult.

How can you ensure you discover the right expert?

Find scientific experts from around the world

The Resolute Research Network (RRN) is a proprietary dataset of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) faculty from over 350 global universities and research institutes. 

Resolute’s proprietary AI analyzes the background of each faculty member to find the best KOL for your project. This can uncover experts from different disciplines who provide unexpected value, perspective, and knowledge. 

Explore the limitless potential contained in the hundreds of thousands of researchers within the Resolute Research Network.

• Identify connections between experts, including their research, publications, and co-authors
• Find groups of KOLs based upon their research interests and backgrounds
• Gain unique insight through analytics and data visualizations
• Find where experts are doing their research and what their affiliations are
• Uncover hidden relationships and unexpected connections between KOLs

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What can you do with RRN?

See what KOLs you can discover when adding ResoluteAI to your toolbox.

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