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Resolute Research Reports

Landscape studies and market reports compiled by the ResoluteAI team using our scientific discovery engine - Foundation.

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    At the Intersection of Materials Chemistry, Biophysics, and Biology

    This Resolute Research Report assesses the current state of micelle nanoparticle development and the recent growth within the field. An analysis of recent news reports demonstrates an increase in activity in this subject area. At the end of 2021, there was nearly a three-fold increase in news publications related to micelle nanoparticles.

    Spotlight on Chief Scientific Officers (CSO) speaking at the 2022 Advanced Therapies Conference in Miami.

    Speakers included this report include David Peritt, Allen (Qiang) Feng, Abdulkader Rahmo, Farzin Farzaneh, Samik Basu, Anthony Ting, Ian McNiece, and Mark Throsby.

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    Market landscape - who’s been writing and building what about the metaverse

    This high-level market landscape on the metaverse reviews news, patents, academic publications, clinical trials, and companies reviews the rise of this concept - and it's been around far longer than you might expect.

    Targeted protein degradation
    Market landscape

    This market landscape on targeted protein degradation (TPD) reviews leading organizations, technologies, and experts to provide insight into: Research and investment trends, technologies available for licensing, PROTACs and emerging TPD strategies, along with leading companies, universities, inventors, and researchers.

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