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Revolutionary AI research tools for science.

Scientific discovery engine

Foundation is a secure research platform that provides exploration, search, analytics, and alerts on over a dozen science-focused datasets, including PubMed, Clinical Trials, Patents, and News. We apply consistent, structured metadata to these unstructured datasets, providing a seamless searching and analysis experience. Learn more about Foundation.

Enterprise search

Nebula is ResoluteAI's enterprise search tool for science. We apply structured metadata and a range of AI capabilities to your institutional knowledge. This includes NLP, OCR, image recognition, and transcription, making your proprietary information easily findable and accessible. With Nebula, you have the power to unlock the hidden value in your research, experiments, market intelligence, and acquired assets. Learn more about Nebula.

STEM Key Opinion Leaders dataset

Resolute Research Network (RRN) is our proprietary dataset of STEM faculty from over 400 universities around the world. This dataset is one of a kind, allowing users to find Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and connect them with content across Foundation's databases. This network provides more contextual information regarding KOL affiliations, ensuring that you find the best person for your specific needs. Learn more about the Resolute Research Network.

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