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Meet the team

At ResoluteAI, we pride ourselves on having a team with diverse backgrounds. Yes, we are engineers, product managers, salespeople, and marketers. But we are so much more. We are innovators, creators, technicians. We believe that our varied experiences and knowledge make us a stronger team. Learn more about the people behind ResoluteAI.


Steven Goldstein
Steven Goldstein
Engineering and development

Maks Grinman
Vice president of engineering
Maks 2 ResoluteAI
Eléonore Dixon-Roche
Senior product manager
Eleonore Dixon-Roche ResoluteAI
Dan Sibitzky
Software engineer
Dan ResoluteAI
Alex Nagel
Software engineer
Alex Nagel

Hiedi Nichols 
Senior client success manager
Hiedi Nichols
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