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Learn how ResoluteAI leverages machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence to pull information from comprehensive public and proprietary sources.

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Contemporary Search. Complete Results.

Hunting for relevant research is a time consuming task. Culling data from different sources, disparate datasets, in multiple formats, can result in wasted hours and ultimately incomplete research. The administrative aspect of research - keeping up with volumes of search data that is likely limited or partial - puts a burden on the process that stifles innovation and leads to less valuable work. ResoluteAI solves for that with exhaustive datasets and AI that searches by concept instead of simply connecting keywords.

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Numerous Datasets in One Location

ResoluteAI lets innovators access hundreds of public and proprietary datasets, replete with volumes of research and data points from patents to company records, and clinical trials to early-stage research, connecting more than 200 million technical records. The ResoluteAI platform allows each individual dataset to be integrated, annotated, tagged, categorized, and related with new information. This data is delivered in an easy-to-use, digestible visual format that can be immediately implemented to create greater innovation and faster return on research investments. ResoluteAI leverages interactive visual analytics to outperform existing data exploration and organization capabilities.

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Continual Learning

ResoluteAI’s discovery engine continually searches and crawls public domains to ensure that these datasets contain the most complete and up-to-date information available. Additionally, the platform continues to connect concepts, themes, ideas, and insights through machine learning and deep learning. This allows researchers and innovators to save searches, recognize the relationships between topics, themes, or terms, and effectively leverage all available data on a concept - not limit results based on what a researcher may have historically searched for.

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Ontologies to Connect Concepts, Not Keywords

With ResoluteAI, researchers can search to connect the dots between concepts and ideas rather than stringing together simple keywords or terms. While regular search engines can find specific text that may or may not be relevant to research, ResoluteAI’s platform uses neural embedding models to understand documents and relate them to other content that our clients house internally. This gives users the flexibility to enrich and make better use of already existing information across an enterprise with a more complete foundation of information.

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Data Beyond Silos

By leveraging multiple datasets, both proprietary and public, as well as continual machine learning, ResoluteAI’s solution affords researchers deeper, more insightful findings. The platform integrates seamlessly with the data governance structures that may already be in place, allowing innovators to easily find relevant information, perform analysis, and uncover insights at a speed and scale empowered by AI and deep learning models.

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Greater Return on Research Investment

Empowered by the speed and scale of AI, teams of innovators and researchers are able to search and utilize rich, expansive sets of scientific and technical data. Not only does this make their research more effective, but it also allows their innovation to have a greater impact in their fields.

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