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Scientific discovery engine

Accelerate research and analysis by exploring multiple scientific and business datasets with Foundation.

Revolutionize your research and analysis.

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The scientific discovery engine

Foundation revolutionizes the scientific research and analysis process by gathering information from multiple sources simultaneously. Using machine learning, we apply consistent, structured metadata to unstructured content to make meaningful connections that would otherwise be impossible to find.

“Foundation is a powerful tool to gain a comprehensive 10,000-foot view of the market, as well as that next layer of granular information that informs our research.”

Research on research with ResoluteAI's Foundation

Research on research

Within Foundation, all databases can be searched simultaneously for a more precise and streamlined search experience. By viewing search results together – instead of separately– you are less likely to miss important and relevant connections. To view all available datasets, visit our datasets page.

Post market surveillance/pharmacovigilance

Foundation provides access to and analytic capabilities for key FDA datasets including MAUDE, FAERS, and Recalls/Enforcements among others. Analyze and visualize this data in ways never before possible.

Key opinion leader identification

The Resolute Research Network contains profile information on over 1 million academic researchers...

Resolute Research Network profile
Resolute Research Network graph

Academic partnerships and licensing

Identify opportunities to partner with academic institutions and areas available for licensing.

Discover academic partnerships and licensing opportunities with ResoluteAI's Foundation

Competitive Intelligence

By connecting patents, news, clinical trials, funding data, and more, understand competitors and their strategies more thoroughly.

Competitive intelligence with Foundation through connected datasets like Crunchbase

Technology landscaping

Simultaneously searching technology transfer opportunities, grants, patents, and news provides a comprehensive view of any technology domain and allows you to quickly assess freedom to operate.

Discover new tech transfers with Foundation

Key features



Eliminate repetitive work with saved searches that deliver the latest information about your research interests directly to your inbox.


Data visualizations

Choose how to analyze information with configurable data visualizations. With a variety of chart options, you can quickly understand macro level trends and drill into the details.



Analyze data outside of the ResoluteAI platform with flexible export options.

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