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Connected data sources 

Our AI/ML engine creates consistent, structured metadata throughout our connected databases, allowing you to explore, search, and analyze, numerous science-focused sources at once.

Research aggregated scientific, regulatory, and business databases simultaneously.

ResoluteAI integrates IEEE data

IEEE peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings are now discoverable within the ResoluteAI platform, enabling IEEE subscribers to link through to access the full-text at the IEEE Xplore digital library. To complement the robust metadata that is provided by IEEE, tags from other taxonomies and controlled vocabularies will be applied by ResoluteAI’s tagging engine.

Read more about ResoluteAI's IEEE integration in the press release.

What ontologies, taxonomies, and controlled vocabularies does ResoluteAI use to enrich data?

Connected datasets

Clinical trials (2)-1

Clinical trials

Aggregated, global clinical trial information from ClinicalTrials.gov, EU CTR, ANZCTR, and more.

CrunchBase (2)


Research and discover innovative companies and the people behind them.

510(k) (2)

FDA 510(k)

Premarket notifications by a company that they intend to market a medical device, which must be filed 90 days prior to the device being marketed.

Classifications (3)

FDA Classifications

Medical devices grouped into regulatory classes based on intended use and indications for use.

Recall (2)

FDA Device recalls

Medical device correction or removal actions initiated by a firm prior to review by the FDA.

Adverse (2)-1

FDA Drug adverse events

Adverse event and medication error reports associated with the use of a drug or biologic product. (FAERS)

Drug (2)-1

FDA Drugs

Information about drugs, including biological products, approved for human use in the United States.

MAUDE (2)-1


Medical device reports (MDRs) submitted to the FDA by mandatory and voluntary reporters. One of the FDA's several important postmarket surveillance data sources.


FDA Premarket Approval (PMA)

Evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of Class III medical devices.

Reg and list (4)

FDA Registrations and listings

Locations of medical device establishments and the devices manufactured there.

Device ID (3)

FDA Unique device identifier

Unique codes consisting of device identifiers and production identifiers to help with electronic tracking for devices involved in adverse events.
Grants (2)


Collected grant data from sources including Grants.gov, Horizon 2020, NIH Reporter, NSF, SBIR, and Wellcome. 



 Discover IEEE peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings on the ResoluteAI platform, with IEEE subscribers able link through to access the full-text at the IEEE Xplore digital library. Read the press release.

MHRA (2)


Aggregated data from the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency that ensures medical devices, medicines, and blood for transfusions meet standards. 

News (2)


Aggregated business news from thousands of global sources with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Patents (2)-1


The most up-to-date patent information from all over the world including USPTO, EPO, and WIPO.

pubchem (2)


Information on chemicals mentioned in Publications and Patents, including 2D and 3D diagrams.

Publications (2)


The latest scientific papers from PubMed and preprints from arXiv. BioRxiv, and medRxiv.

Resolute research network

Resolute Research Network

Key Opinion Leaders in the STEM community pulled from over 350 universities and research institutions around the world. Read more here.

Tech transfer (2)

Technology transfer

Technology transfer opportunities from over 300 research universities around the world.

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