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Integrate any of our value-added data or your ResoluteAI-enriched data into any of your platforms, products, or data analysis tools.

Integrate data with ResoluteAPI

Our recently enhanced API facilitates the integration of any data from our science-focused datasets within Foundation or your own data and in-house documentation connected to Nebula into any internally built or third party application.

"For Roivant, leveraging the ResoluteAPI is a helpful accelerant for our data-driven decision-making around clinical trials."

- Micah Grossman, Product Manager at Roivant Sciences

Our clients have found success using the ResoluteAPI to:

  • Integrate patents and academic research into an Electronic Lab Notebook

  • Access publicly available clinical trial data through a Clinical Trial Management System

  • Integrate FDA Maude and FAERs data into a proprietary quality management system

  • Made previously siloed research and lab notes accessible via multiple internal research repositories

  • Enrich company and contact information within CRMs (Salesforce, Veeva) and other client systems

How does the ResoluteAPI work?

ResoluteAPI is a REST-style API that accepts/returns JSON or XML requests and offers a number of different methods for interacting with data. API endpoints consist of a superset of functionality available through the ResoluteAI web application. Complete documentation is available here.

ResoluteAPI diagram


To learn more about ResoluteAI's connected datasets, go here.

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