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Your research is unique. Shouldn't your tools be too?


Scientists and researchers query differently from the rest of us, which means standard research tools won't cut it. 

ResoluteAI's search products are uniquely engineered for scientific exploration.





W. L. Gore
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Everything, everywhere.

Limitless information is at our fingertips, but often the most critical information is difficult to find, access, and analyze. Why? Because it is spread out, poorly tagged, and disconnected. Innovative, science-driven organizations can now deploy precise, connected search tools.

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Understanding researchers.

Scientific research and results can be in a lab notebook, a spreadsheet, a document, or in a video presentation. Our Artificial intelligence creates structured metadata from unstructured data in any format. Our machine learning accurately connects concepts. And we analyze external information so it can be seamlessly connected to your internal proprietary content.Your research tools and datasets need to be accessible from a single easy-to-use platform. To date, ResoluteAI has connected over 300 million scientific records, allowing researchers to innovate in a more efficient way.

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Bigger haystacks. More needles.

Companies that do not thoroughly understand their institutional knowledge are at a distinct disadvantage, and their employees waste countless hours trying to find information they know exists somewhere. Making this information immediately available, easily found, and positioned for analysis, are capabilities that elude most legacy enterprise search solutions. This is ResoluteAI’s specialty.

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